Formed in 2003, the Centenary Park Golf Monthly Medal Group is still made up of three of its original members and knows how to make golf even more fun than it already is.

They play together on every monthly medal day and maybe we can see from this photo that they would always stir each other up a bit.

While extremely serious about golf, innovation could be considered the name of the game with this crew. The fines collected, $2:00 per novelty misdemeanor like landing in a bunker, three-putting, abuse of equipment, etc., and the winnings from weekly betting, all go toward a big Christmas function at the end of each year.

Good on you Mailman, Rules, King, Black Dog, and Lollies, you make us all want to join in the fun!

Front row:  Shane (Lollies)Merchant
From back left to right: Gary (The Mailman)Kenna, Phil (Rules)Mclardy, Darren(King) Wells, Alan(Black Dog) Diggle.